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February 2017

5 Interior Design Trends For Spring 2017

Watercolor Florals You can find many watercolor floral patterns for fabrics and wallpaper. They are perfect for creating a bright spring feel. Metallic Accessories Glowing metals can give any neutral room that extra pop of interest. Cool Grey Light grey colors are soothing to the eye and make a great base tone for any room. Geometry You don’t have to use it on just accessories, you can find geometry in fabric, …Read More

4 Colors That Make Your Home Feel Brighter

Yellow Yellow is a very bright and energizing tone, it can work well in living areas.     Light Blue Light blue is the color of the sky and the ocean, it is a very natural color and can create a calming mood. White White is a bright and open feeling color. It can make your room feel more spacious and also helps emphasize other colors.   Light Wood Tones …Read More

4 Lighting Tips Used by Top Interior Designers

Use Spotlights Use spotlights to draw interest to something or for creating a dramatic affect in a room. It’s All In The Bulb The bulb is the most important thing when it comes to good lighting. Be sure to consider things like brightness and if you are trying to create atmosphere or a focal statement. Layer Your Lighting A room with great lighting uses a mixture of focal lighting and …Read More

4 Interior Design Trends From The Past That are Making a Comeback

Cork Flooring Cork flooring was featured originally in the 1960’s and 70’s. Modern cork flooring can look exactly like wood flooring and we are seeing cork reemerge as a environmentally friendly alternative to wood flooring. Brass Furniture & Accents Brass furniture has always been around but it is now gaining more popularity in modern designs. The Drink Trolley The drink trolley was once in every stylish home in the 1960’s and 70’s. Designers …Read More

5 Upgrades For Your Home That are Worth Spending Extra Money On

A Custom Bed We spend more than a quarter of our lives sleeping. Investing in the perfect bedroom sanctuary is something you will never regret. Antique Furnishings Antique Furnishings offers historical value and respect over time. Incorporating antiques into your home in a stylish way can truly add unique detail. Kitchen Counter Tops Marble is still the king of counter tops. Incorporating a custom unique cut of marble can add that …Read More