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July 2016

How To Become A Great Interior Designer

Get an internship This is one of the best ways to get fantastic hands on experience and actually see how the industry works. This is also a great way to build life long relationships and find true mentors. Look for inspiration outside of design A lot of new and even experienced designers like to look at other people’s works. That’s great but looking at other things to gather inspiration like the …Read More

4 Garden Update Ideas

Napa Valley Garden Creating a garden that features lavender, rosemary, irises, and fruit trees is a great concept. These plants are the theme of Napa Valley and paring these plants with some large rocks is a great way to create a fresh looking and smelling garden. Elevated Steps Elevated steps are a great way to create some dimension and asymmetric aesthetic. Floral Walkway Planting some bright flowers along a winding walkway can …Read More

5 Ways To Upgrade Your Outdoor Parties

Keep Mosquitos Away Instead of closing yourself off in a net try Off’s anti-mosquito candles. Set Up Outdoor Lighting Getting creative with your outdoor lighting doesn’t have to be expensive and it can take the whole experience to a new interesting level. We like string lights. Message In A Bottle Place cards We all love to Chinese restaurants because at the end we get fortune cookies. If you know who’s coming to …Read More

“Jardin Éternel / Eternal Garden”, Art Exhibition and Experience by Claire Basler Now On Display at The Houston Design Center through August 5, 2016

Houston, the city of the eternal summer will be the venue for “Jardin Éternel / Eternal Garden,” a premier art exhibition, lush and exuberant that illustrates the beauty and splendor of the French Garden by France’s own Garden Doyenne, artist Claire Basler. Through the paintings of Claire Basler the Houston public will be transported to the rich verdant fields of France filled with flowers and flowing tree lines. Her masterful …Read More

4 New Trends for 2016

Here are a few trends to keep you busy this summer. Mismatched Cabinets There is nothing wrong with a pure white kitchen, but it doesn’t hurt to be a little bold. Mismatching cabinets is a new trend that makes a statement without going overboard. Marble Accents Marble has always been a feature of homes but people are now adding little touches of marble with accent peaces. Bidets Bidets have never really …Read More

6 Designers Who Changed the world

We all look up to someone or have people in our lives that inspire us so much it determines the whole course of our careers. Here are six people who inspired us. Massimo Vignelli Massimo is best know for designing huge corporate logos like Ford, IBM and Bloomingdales. He brought forth a new era of typography that was the basis for apple computers design and the macintosh operating system. But what …Read More