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May 2016

4 ways to take your living room to the next level.

1.add a designer rug. A great rug can set a room apart completely. usually its the last thing designers think about. but rugs can really make a statement. 2.add accessories. If you feel like your room is looking a little plain. add some cool accessories and trinkets. stacked books on the coffee table. or cascading candle holders. maybe some weird geometric shapes. have fin with it. 3.add a mirror Adding …Read More

5 qualities of amazing interior design.

symmetry Really knowing how items look in relation to one another and knowing how and where to draw the eye is a clear sign of an expert. contrast Contrast in design seems like a simple thing but in he real world its one of the most difficult things to pull off without creating clutter. If you know how to create proper contrast then you have most likely been a decorator …Read More

4 Tips For Picking Room Color

Think About Your Mood Will your room be a warm get away, a bright natural sun room for summer? or a vibrant living room. knowing the mood will allow you to narrow down all the color options. Start Small if you’re not sure where to start experimenting with smaller rooms or individual walls first is a good way to go. Not to mention if you mess up its a lot …Read More

5 Interior design tips to get you ready for summer.

1. Make use of bright eye catching fabrics. It seems like everyone wants to be grey or white these days but there are some really amazing fabrics on the market that are both durable and fun. Bringing in some bright solid colors or some nice patterns is a really great way to make your furniture stand out. 2. Keep everything simple. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Not going overboard with accents and …Read More

The Houston Design Center Welcomes New Tenants

Monday February 22, 2016 – Houston TX – The Houston Design Center (7026 Old Katy Road) is pleased to announce the addition of four new showrooms and one office to its esteemed rooster of tenants. The Houston Showroom –  Founded in 1986, The Houston Showroom has become a leading provider for high quality carpeting, rugs, hardwood flooring, marble and granite fabrication, ceramic tile, cork floors, leather floors and other fine …Read More