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10 trends that are in & out by 100 top design pros

The Wall Street journal recently polled 100 top design pros for predictions on what is trending and ending in 2018. Here are the results.

 What’s Fading

Literal Nature

If you love florals unfortunately this trend is on its way out. They have been deemed as predictable, old fashioned and bland.

Moody Gray Hues

Without contrast gray can feel tired and uninspired. Designers feel that we are long overdue for the return of color in design. Local design leaders in Houston have echoed this sentiment.

Perfect Posturing

Sometimes things can be “too” neat and hard straight lines can make a home feel like an institution. Embracing form in a more natural way will be the direction designers are heading in 2018.

High Polish Hardware

Chrome drawers, faucets, and even sinks are starting to look like glaring mistakes. Something about hardware polished to perfection feels impersonal and disconnected from the way we actually live. Rose gold faucets and shiny copper can also read as cheap if not implemented correctly and it is quick to go out of style.

Lab-Like Kitchens

This falls back onto Perfect Posturing. People are moving away from over organization and super clinical straight lines and finishes, especially in the kitchen. Designers feel like kitchens with heavy stainless steel, gray or white tones are overplayed.


What’s Flourishing Now


Distilled Flora and Fauna

This trend is more about abstract nature rather than the literal reflection of it and its catching on. This trend is about evoking nature with randomly scattered biometric shapes. This approach feels more natural than straight patterns.

Earthy Pastels

This year will bring in more soft pastels, and gentle colors that appear in nature. These pastels aren’t pure but rather have been muddled with earthier tones in the mixing process. They are very fresh and feel grounded.

Not Broke, Just Bent

2018 will see more accents and furniture with rounded edges, layering, and natural lines. This approach transforms a home into a more casual and fluid space.


Tarnish Appreciation

For a more relaxed environment that shows someone actually lives in the home designers are turning to living metals. Instead of something pristine and polished designers prefer finishes that develop character. Composite white bronze and copper are seeing more use.

Pigmented Pantries

“In 2018 designers are implementing more color in the kitchen, from the cabinetry to the sink materials” said Houston’s Nina Magon.  Even manufacturers of kitchen hardware are offering more colors. Viking now offers ranges in apple red, cobalt, blue and Bordeaux. BlueStar offers appliances in 750 color options.

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